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 Patch Notes: 29/10/2015

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PostSubject: Patch Notes: 29/10/2015   Sun Nov 01, 2015 12:03 am

The translation and posting was done by FarneseVandimion. All credit for these patch note translations is to FarneseVandimion.

Event 29/10/2015 ~ 04/11/2015
-Board Quests now give double rewards

-Pawn AI has been adjusted so that they dodge certain monsters' attack better (not sure which ones specifically)
-Adventure passport now let you revive pawn faster. Also, cost of retrieving your pawn through rim stone has been lowered.
-Grand mission course has been extended from 6 hours to 72 hours.

Bug Fixes
-Occasional lag/freeze introduced since last update has been fixed (PC)
-Fixes have been applied to prevent crash caused by Full / Virtual screen mode and Alt+tabing. (from the way they phrased, it seems this glitch is not fully fixed yet, so you may still encounter some problem)

Temporary Server Maintenance planned on 02/11/2015 Monday
-Required Area Points will be adjusted so that if you complete all the Board Quests everyday, you will receive at least 1 area medal (at Area Rank 10)
-Required Area Points in order to receive 3 medals will be lowered
*DDO official twitter account says, AP accumulated up to 02/11 Monday will be affected by change, but no confirmation in game nor official website.
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Patch Notes: 29/10/2015
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